Braak (Bråk) is a Norwegian word for noise, trouble or uproar. But the music of Braak is quite the opposite. You are in for a treat of calming, melodic and percussive electronic music. The guy behind the alias is Norwegian producer Øyvind Strand Endal. He has been making music for short films, radio and commercial use for over a decade.

In 2007 he debuted as Braak with the self-titled “Braak EP”. He has continued as a versatile producer with deep and ambient pieces like “Fading Away” (Snop Recordings), chilled yet groovy beats like those on “Found” (Silk Sofa Music) and on collab tracks with the talented Zimpzon.

Braak has also proved himself as a decent lounge DJ with his beautiful harmonic downtempo mixes. Be sure to check them out online.

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