Daniel Howe, aka Data Rebel, grew up in a small northern town in the UK. His passion for music started when he was a young boy, when he would listen to 80s music and early electronic music. As he grew older, the club scene, especially early acid house, enchanted him. Before long, he had purchased his first set of turntables and got into DJ’ing in small local venues and underground parties.

A few years later, not totally satisfied with DJ’ing alone, he bought his first synthesizer, with the goal of creating the same sounds he had been hearing in clubs in the preceding years. Warp Records in Sheffield (UK) had a big influence on his new focus in production; specifically, “The Artificial Intelligence” series was especially impactful. Artists like Autechre, Boards of Canada, Plaid, and Aphex Twin were his main influences (and still are today).

Over the years, he has continued to produce IDM / Electronic Chillout music, which has depth and emotion, but still retains an obvious glitchy, IDM-influence. He has produced albums for both Kahvi and Spiritech Records, and has had various singles on compilation releases, as well as an LP on his own Bandcamp page.

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  1. I heard Nova Skies on an Apple Music chill station. Can’t stop listening to this guys stuff. His music paints beautiful pictures and tells sad stories and hints at the significance of love. I know not the answer but within this music you will find a semblance of peace.

  2. As a budding VST music producer myself, I can say that Daniel has been a quintessential influence in which direction I want head in with my production. He, along with artist State Azure, are truly top talents within this genre. When you listen to his music, you can’t help but be drawn in. The attention to detail is astounding as well as the overall composition. I especially enjoy his use of pads. He has already given a huge contribution to the art form and I hope that he will be able to continue producing for many years to come. Thank you Daniel for your fine work.

  3. Very well crafted tracks with vibrant and expressive selections of foreground and background pads. Data Rebel consistently produces every track on every album with care and a deep understanding of the genre he is exceptionally at. When listening you will be drawn into a sense of hope from a tapestry poignant and expressive in form and emotion. Do yourself a favour and open your mind to what he has to offer you and your life. Slow down your need for instant pop gratification and delve into his creations and appreciate the benefits of how this music accurately simulates the ebb and flow of life through exceptional music.

  4. Its a great multi layered ambient electronic sound
    Stunning. !

  5. Mr Howe, I would very much like a to see a youtube interview with you about your musical history and workflow. You seem to have quite a following and your fans I am certain would very much like that. Could you possibly arrange that for us? Thanks for any consideration. Peace out, Robert.

  6. Data Rebel. I am listening to your music as I work and I am so inspired. Your music is the soundtrack for exactly what I would imagine living in a futuristic skyscraper might be like… staring out at the sun in the evening with the hovercrafts flying by. Waiting for my next mission in the Cybercity.

    Please keep up your fascinating work. Every track of yours is breathtaking – a rare quality in this genre!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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