Born and currently living in the city of Tampere, Finland, Jani’s first contact with electronic music came from various synth pop records in the early 90s, when he was just over 10 years of age. During the ensuing years, he discovered new music, especially in the wide-ranging trance genre. He decided to take keyboarding lessons, which eventually sparked an interest towards making his own music. After some years practicing module trackers, he finally went public with his own work at the age of 17.

These experiences led to a long-standing hobby that is still going strong today. Exploring different genres, under different aliases, while using different software, eventually evolved into musical output that was split between two primary projects: Incolumis (techy progressive dance music) and Jani R (minimalistic downtempo and ambient sound, often featuring a touch of an orchestral influence).

Jani R feels home at Silk Sofa and is looking forward to sharing more of his music with you.

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