Not many artists can be quickly recognized after just a few musical notes. Kobana is definitely one of them, thanks to his unique production style. His signature is enclosed in amazing percussion and synth lines, which work together, creating a synergistic effect. As one journalist put it: “they pop up together so well…”

Kobana’s music journey started at the dawn of the new millennium, when he got introduced to the basic capabilities and flexibility of computer recording software. Since then, he has spent countless hours in his home studio learning production techniques, tweaking and bending the sound, reverse engineering the music productions of artists who he admires, and, finally, finding out the best use of mastering science and plugins. The result of his dedication is quickly recognizable in his productions: all sounds create a fantastic harmony that engage the listener and transfer his emotions. His skills were quickly recognized in a number of collaborations; some of them became ongoing projects with Mario Hatchet and Yane3dots, while others were just one-off works.

Nowadays, Kobana is regarded as one of most talented producers in the progressive house world. Top DJs and labels in the industry appreciate his music, and his DJ sets appear as guest mixes on the most respectable radio shows, as well as his own “Hear the Colours” podcast. However, as he is keen to say: this is only just the beginning. His motto — to deliver quality over quantity — remains true.

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