Consistent label contributor Manu Zain writes atmospheric and richly textured melodic music. He keeps his projects as diverse as his tastes. His music is made in a very intuitive way, inspired by landscape and memory, with a deep passion for the different harmonics in music.

Combining a multitude of instruments — from piano to strings and guitar, layer upon layer — Manu’s music creates a deep sense of emotion. He is just starting now to collaborate with DJs all over the world.

The songs from Manu Zain quickly establish a unique and touching atmosphere, with an array of captivating guitar elements and melodies. The soothing background percussion elements supports his tracks unite beautifully, while various melodic stabs greatly enhance the textures of his songs. Manu Zain is responsible for intriguing soundscapes, including soothing pad layers and textures, as well as a hypnotic lead melodies. As his songs progresses, numerous new mesmerizing synths are added, which truly heighten the atmospheric content of his tracks.

It has been a wonderful journey so far.

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