Shingo Nakamura is a DJ/Producer from Ibaraki and now based in Tokyo, Japan.

He is especially known for a progressive house style that blends deep and lyrical sounds, with classical piano. He has been privileged to receive regular radio support over the last few years by many the world’s leading DJ’s, including: Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Myon & Shane 54, Gareth Emery, Andy Moor, and Max Graham. With over 150 production credits on Beatport, Shingo has signed his music to several leading international labels, such as: Silk Music, Anjunadeep, AVA Recordings (Armada), Enhanced, and Otographic Music.

In 2011, he released the original artist album “Sapporo” on Silk Digital. The album proved to be a #1 hit on Beatport’s Progressive House Release Chart.

In 2014, his second artist album arrived on Tokyo-based Otographic Music. It reached #1 on Beatport Trance, #2 on Beatport’s Progressive House, and was a Top 15 album overall on Beatport (all genres).

Every month, Shingo hosts the Frisky Radio show “Only Silk” ( He has released two annual DJ compilations of the same name, featuring several of his own productions, as well as material by other international house, progressive, & trance artists. These albums have also reached the top of the charts on Beatport.

With tour dates in the works in India and the USA, as well as regular events throughout Japan, Shingo looks forward to sharing his distinctive blend of house and progressive music with more of his fans around the globe.

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  1. Massive fan on Shingo! Please come to London!

    1. Precisely!

    2. Yes please! Manchester too if you’re ever in the UK 🙂

  2. LOVE where Shingo ‘s music takes you. I found him looking for something to just feel better – I was recovering from surgery – and what I got was so much more. The way everything flows can get to be almost transcendental it’s beautiful and fun and silly as it sounds life changing for me. I really hope he makes it to the US sometime 💜🌸💜

  3. Tons of fans in Texas too! – please come to Dallas

  4. Lots of love from Boston, <3

  5. Greetings from France ! I listen to Shingo a lot while at work –> Productivity increased by 150% ! Please come to Paris 😉

  6. Fell in love with Nakamura san from day one.

    I’ve never been an avid fan of progressive house until listening to his stuff. Now i’m fully converted. If i’m having a bad day , going to work in the morning nervous about something I switch to a nice mix by Nakamura san! I really hope we get more music from him every year. The world needs to know more of him and we need to be blessed by his exquisite sounds. Perhaps more radio appearances , once a month ?

    Love from South Africa

  7. Just discovered Shingo s music today . Lost my love for progressive but it is now truly reignited . Please come to New Zealand – it’s a beautiful country. Love the feel and mood of your music – sooooooo good. 😊

  8. Big listener in Colombia, we can appreciate the great work in every second.

  9. Shingo’s music never fails to take me on an adventure. Shingo, PLEASE COME TO CHICAGO!

  10. come to Brazil

  11. Love your work in Australia, Melbourne. Come to sunny Oz and I’ll throw an extra shrimp on the barbie for you!! Where the bloody hell are you?

  12. really inspiring … love to dance …
    peace NYC

  13. Come to Chicago!!!

    1. +1 for Chicago

  14. Great sound, so true to tradition. A rare thing these days. Huge fan!! Please come to Nepal.
    Love from the Himalayas

  15. Nothing better than Shingo’s music at the end of the day.

    -With love from THAILAND-

    1. Shingo’s music to begin the day isn’t a bad thing either : )

  16. Visit India. Big fan of your music.

    1. Yes please

  17. Huuge fan of your work Shingo! Love from Seattle, WA, USA!

  18. i agree a Texas show would be amazing!

  19. SAN FRANCISCO needs you!!!!

    1. I’ll fly back to Cali just for that show!

  20. Just found you! Amazing music, much love fro m Vancouver, Canada! Please come here one day too 🙂

    1. Yes, agreed! Please come to Vancouver

  21. South Africa! fan added

  22. Melbourne Australia please please

  23. What an artist!! <3
    These beats makes your day just better!
    Greetings from Germany!

  24. Heh Shingo Kun, when wil you play Down under Oz or New Zealand…Otherwise I would love to hear you play in Tokyo, Kyoto or Seoul…when are the next gigs…?????

  25. Please oh please come to Australia…all your fans would be so honoured!!!

  26. Dear Shingo you have many fans in Australia…can you play in our great country ??all your fans would be so honoured!!!

  27. I live in Vietnam. Please play in SE Asia!!! Or, release some dates in Japan, I’ll fly to you!!!!

  28. Love your music! Helps me focus while programing on climate models!
    Greetings from Germany

  29. Nakamura’s songs soothes my soul. Helps me to enjoy the life

  30. Come to Germany please

  31. I am trying to find a cd of Shingo Nakamura ONLY SILK 02.i HAVE LOOKED ON Amazon and they don’t seem to have it.Shingo is really fantastic.

  32. Yahho Shingo! Please come to Brazil! I can put you in touch with good producers of the electronic scene here in Rio! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/BR, we want you here!!!

  33. I love your music, I would like listen your music in live. When you come to Miami? Thank you Bro

  34. We love your music, it’s awesome stuff and you would do great things in the UK, come to Scotland!!

  35. Dont forget Philippines and South Africa fans 🙂

  36. I love Shingo Nakamura’s mixes!!I would love to see you play live! Please include Silicon Valley (Northern California USA) in your tour!

  37. Heard your set online, please come do a show in Los Angeles!

  38. Will pay good money to see Shingo live in San Francisco!

  39. Your music is definitely on another level! Please come to Germany again, lots of fans here waiting for you!

  40. come to Washington D.C. soundcheck or echostage…..PLEASE

  41. As for me – best DJ here 🙂 I love his melodic and piano music. He is really talented musician!
    Best wishes Shingo 🙂

    loyal fan

  42. Amazing content, discovered Nakamura’s content today while just jumping from video to video as I work with music.
    I don’t understand how I have not heard about his music, it’s really really good! Hope he keeps up the good work releasing stuff.
    Became fan right away of your music m8!!!

  43. You have a new fan from Budapest (Hungary), I love your music Shingo. Come to Hungary too!

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  45. Greeting from India!
    Please come soon to New Delhi or we will come down to anyplace if you would perform in India…big fan of ur mix

  46. I found you on Youtube. I listen to your music as background music while I am working at my computer. Please come to the USA!

  47. Shingo you don’t know what you mean to me…. your music has carried me through some of the darkest times

  48. Portugal! Come to Portugal, pease!!!

  49. Come to DENVER, mile high city needs your music to get higher.

  50. Did i read tour dates to India !!! When is this?

  51. Shingo is an absolute genius…love his music!! I would love to see you in London.

  52. Shingo please come do a show in San Francisco, I’d fly anywhere In the US to see you live but San Francisco would be amazing. You music is spectacular

  53. I found your music through YouTube and SoundCloud. Your music is perfect to listen to at anytime and anyplace. Please come to Switzerland!!!!

  54. Washington DC is calling you, Shingo!

  55. NYC, Please and thank you!

    1. Yes please, NYC would be amazing. Circle line boat cruise around the statue of liberty with shingo? Would be a dream.

  56. 7 years later and still listening to this Legend. Love from South Africa, the world needs to know more about Shingo Nakamura. Thank you Shingo.

  57. Such pure music. Mr. Nakamura is a true progressive master. Please come to the USA!

  58. In my mind’s dream of a future world … Shingo Nakamura’s music will surely accompany the artificially intelligent Androidnauts as they assist humanity in folding time and space in order to travel to the Stars … perhaps foolishly a dream … but nevertheless … my dream.

  59. Shingo.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come over to the UK. Seriously considering travelling across to Japan this year but if you have any plans for future UK or Europe gigs please let us know.

  60. Shingo I love your music – please come to London!!

  61. 2020 still here! come to singapore !!!

  62. Your tracks are absolute master pieces, please please come to Chicago or any other place US because id love to see you play.

  63. The best part of shingo’s music is that it gives such chills it’s anti depressing and mood soother..❤️❤️
    I love u shingo Nakamura..❤️

  64. The best part of shingo’s music is that it gives such chills it’s anti depressing and mood soother..❤️❤️

  65. shingos music fantastic many songs

    keep up the good work

  66. Yes come to Dallas…
    We love your mix…

  67. Discovered shingo last week and he has become an instant favorite. It’s just music that takes you there. As a massive anjunadeep fan I would love to see shingo in america when the pandemic is under control. Much love from Connecticut! (NYC metro area)

  68. last few months almost only listening to your music. when covid is over please come to the philippines!

  69. I came across this music by accident, but became an instant fan. Now I wanna say THANK YOU! ありがとう ございます!

  70. Yo, al igual que Matsuzaki, descubrí a Shingo en Catania de forma casual (comiendo pizza en un restaurante) y quedé prendado de su música de forma instantánea

  71. Me gustaría escucharlo en directo en España

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